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Privacy Policy

Dear users are welcome to register as a member of this website. Please read the following carefully. If the user does not agree to any of the terms of service, please do not register or use the site services. If the user through this site registration procedures, that users and the site has reached an agreement to voluntarily accept all the contents of the terms of service. Thereafter, the User shall not make any form of defense without reading the contents of this Terms of Service.

1, Membership

Membership Level: Ordinary Member, VIP Member, Platinum Member, Diamond Member
According to the total growth of the order to distinguish: (USD for each growth value), different levels to enjoy different discount points and other treatment, growth value can be accumulated according to each order, not zero.
Ordinary members: growth value in 0 to 4999 points, the price according to product standard price
VIP members: growth in the 5000 to 19999 points, the price on the basis of an additional 2% discount (rebate)
Platinum Members: Growth at 20000 to 49999 points, the price on the basis of an additional 5% discount (rebate),
Diamond members: growth at 50000 points and above, the price on the basis of an additional 8% discount (rebate).

2, Integral system rules

Points can be redeemed and redeemed for gifts;
Per 100 points = 1USD value or direct exchange 1USD;
The order points only can be use for the following orders (next ones) .
Each time redeem the USD or the gift from the point: 500 points, that is, 500 points for the smallest conversion units;
The first registration of the gift of 300 points, fill in the questionnaire presented 300 points, each release evaluation once presented 50 points (each order has a release evaluation opportunity), each recommended a friend or colleagues registered gift 50 points, recommended friends or colleagues first order (Must be greater than 200USD) after the completion of an additional 100 points. Publish the website to promote the message or the number of pictures up to 5 and the screenshot after giving 100 points, bonus points can be accumulated, but can not be used alone, need to activate the account after registration (order) with the order points used in common.

3, Integral mall
Gift points are start from 500 points , you can choose the points level by yourself .
Gifts are divided into: commonly used tools, office appliances, craft gifts and other.

4, Gifts delivery method : All gifts will be deliver together with your next orders . For example , your current order has 1200 points , you can change the 1200 points into corresponding gifts next time and we will send the gifts to you next time together with your goods .